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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to add a customer to POS staff  
  2. How to add Kitchen order area on Restaurant ?  
  3. How to add more field in add new customer / edit customer on POS  
  4. How to add new features for OpenPOS plugin ?  
  5. How to addition field for Order in POS  
  6. How to Alway keep sale when logout ?  
  7. How to change default email domain  
  8. How to change POS logo on Pos Panel  
  9. How to change product grid Product Style  
  10. How to change product Grid to List with Scroll  
  11. How to change products / categories/ Table Grid size ?  
  12. How to connect Open POS with stripe terminal "Verifone P400"  
  13. How to disable Cart Custom Discount / Cart Custom Item Discount on POS  
  14. How to disable InStore features  
  15. How to display Variation product on grid instead select variable option  
  16. How to ignore send email with new order made by POS ?  
  17. How to install OPENPOS - Woocommerce plugins  
  18. How to leave a review to Openpos  
  19. How to make changeable price of product on POS ?  
  20. How to make product sale on POS - Physical store only  
  21. How to print barcode label follow the product stock qty  
  22. How to remove customer phone require, add email is require ?  
  23. How to remove shipping from receipt in openpos  
  24. How to restaurant / cafe POS mode on Openpos  
  25. How to set a default customer on OpenPOS  
  26. How to speedup POS with Big Product Data ?  
  27. How to start work with OpenPOS  
  28. How to takeaway on OpenPOS ?  
  29. How to translate POS panel to your native language ?  
  30. How to translate Receipt in POS  
  31. Make Shorter POS URL  
  32. Why i can't print the receipt ?  
  33. Why no need a Cash Open when Log IN and Out when Log OUT ?  

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