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How to make changeable price of product on POS ?
since version 2.2.4, we support feature changeable price of product on POS, it mean cashier can change price of product when add it to cart. You can see how it work follow image below
click item on cart, you see price , click on price 


change price and click Save.

To active this feature on our plugin, pls copy this code to end of file yourtheme/function.php

    function pricechangeable_op_product_data($product_data,$product){
        $product_data['allow_change_price'] = true;
        return $product_data;
after done, goto pos , logout and login again and see effect.

This no need sine version 3.9. it implement as default plugin function

 Last updated Wed, Sep 19 2018 6:50pm

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