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How to translate Receipt in POS
Since version 3.8.4 . Openpos have new features manage and live composer receipt template. So, no need translate , just composer template follow the language you want with sample . 
To more clean, i will guide how to do it .
1. When we goto admin , we see new menu Receipt templates


2. when goto receipt templates , we can add / edit / composer a receipt template 


after create a receipt template, we can composer the content by click menu "Composer". to composer new content for your new receipt template. Click load sample to get the shortcode . the sample template we already prepare with all available shortcode


After done, click update to save and preview on the yellow part.

Ok, after done the template, now, we should assign template to register . 

By default , register will use receipt template in admin/pos/setting/receipt template setting. 


After done set receipt template for Register. We need Logout and Login POS again to get the new template on your POS.


 Last updated Wed, Sep 19 2018 6:50pm

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